JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri Stands with Women today issued the following statement on the announcement that out-of-state extremists have selected one of eleven pro-abortion initiative petitions to alter Missouri’s constitution, and another group has suspended efforts to put a competing pro-abortion measure on the ballot:

“Our pro-life coalition is united to defeat any effort by out-of-state extremists to reverse Missouri’s pro-life laws and place unregulated, taxpayer-funded abortions up to the birth of a child in our state’s constitution.   Our coalition was prepared to inform Missourians on why they should decline to sign both pro-abortion petitions, so now we will be working twice as hard to defeat one petition instead of two, while pro-abortion activists remain divided on the issue.  We are urging Missourians to decline to sign this radical petition, which would alter our constitution to include abortion on demand and endanger the safety of girls and women while trampling on parental rights,” said Stephanie Bell, a spokeswoman for Missouri Stands with Women.

Missouri Stands with Women is a united coalition of diverse citizens and groups across the state rooted in the firm belief that the well-being of women and girls is paramount, and they deserve protection from the potential risks posed by unrestricted abortions.

For more information about Missouri Stands with Women visit where links are available to join this movement to push back against the Big Abortion Industry.