JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri Stands with Women launched today to protect Missouri’s laws respecting the dignity of life, the safety of women and parental rights. The organization will be helping lead the fight against out-of-state funded initiative petitions, which are aimed at reversing Missouri’s pro-life laws and enshrining extreme abortion initiatives to the state’s constitution.

Missouri Stands with Women is a united coalition of diverse citizens and groups across the state rooted in the firm belief that the well-being of women and girls is paramount, and they deserve protection from the potential risks posed by unrestricted abortions.

“Out-of-state extremists pushing Big Abortion’s agenda are intent on using the initiative petition process to reverse all the pro-life work our state has undertaken to protect the dignity of life, safety of women and parental rights.  We are united in our efforts to ensure these out-of-state extremists are not allowed to tear the fabric of our constitution by placing unregulated, taxpayer-funded abortions up to the moment of birth, effectively overriding all Missouri’s pro-life laws,” said Stephanie Bell, a spokeswoman for Missouri Stands with Women.

Missouri Stands with Women will work with all Missourians, whether they are pro-life, pro-choice or undecided, to stand up for the rights of expectant mothers, new mothers, their children and families; and make sure parents, and not out-of-state special interests are deciding what’s best for their children.

Out-of-state special interest backers of the abortion industry have stated their desire to place on the ballot amendments to the Missouri Constitution that would erase years of work by Missouri voters who elected representatives who share their values and put in place laws designed to protect the innocent unborn child and the health and safety of the mother.  If Abortion supporters get their way abortions could be done by those who aren’t doctors, abortion facilities would not need to be near blood banks or have hospital admitting privileges, and there would be no cleanliness regulation.

For more information about Missouri Stands with Women visit where links are available to join this movement to push back against the Big Abortion Industry.